Friday, November 18, 2016

Charlotte and Matt are back in Fetish, the chilling sequel to occult noir thriller Dolls.

It took over a year to find her again, through a letter written by a stranger four hundred and fifty miles away. Charlotte welcomes the invite, driving north to beautiful Lake Tahoe, where her search for answers—and a missing woman—leads to a house with a sinister past. Getting in is easy—the key waits for her in the front door lock—but getting out again is murder.

Fetish is available now on Amazon! 


Next book: Joni, Underway

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Joni, Underway is a new adult drama co-written with YA bestselling author Kelly Oram (who also happens to be my wife).

Title: Joni, Underway
Author: Kelly Oram & Jonathan Harrow
Publisher: Bluefields
Release Date: August 22, 2015

Nineteen year old Joni is loving life as an adult—living on her own, dealing with grown-up things like jobs, hook-ups, and doing her own laundry. Best of all: after finishing her first year at ASU, she will never again be called a freshman.

But when her brother is suddenly killed in a car accident, Joni’s adult life is turned upside down. Struggling to cope with loss, guilt, and anger—not to mention the meddling of friends and family trying to “fix” her—Joni is relieved to be presented with an escape in the form of a sailing trip her brother had been planning for months before he died.

With her first step onto the sailing vessel Lady Marguerite, Joni plunges into an adventure that will mark the beginning of her real adult life—a journey across the ominous dark blue of the Atlantic Ocean with a small, eccentric crew, and the young Captain Reid, whose gorgeous looks are only outmatched by his talent for care and kindness. Unfolding through the ups and downs of life at sea is an unforgettable story reminding us that love will always be a work-in-progress and coming of age never gets old.


Kelly Oram wrote her first novel at age fifteen--a fan fiction about her favorite music group, The Backstreet Boys, for which her family and friends still tease her. She's obsessed with reading, talks way too much, and likes to eat frosting by the spoonful.

Jonathan Harrow left a career in Hollywood to pursue his dream of writing novels. He has an author crush on Charlotte Bronte, and a real crush on his author wife, YA bestseller Kelly Oram.

They live in Phoenix with their four kids and their cat, Mr. Darcy.


Monday, April 27, 2015

Dolls, a supernatural thriller, on sale at AMAZON.

“In Los Angeles, lots of teenagers are famous. Most for their looks, some for their talents, and many for no apparent reason other than having a lot of money or a sex tape. But only Charlotte Hayes was famous for killing somebody.” 

It happened during the high school football game, seventeen-year-old Charlotte snatched in the shadows behind the crowded bleachers by a man with no voice and a black soul. Ezra Cabe saw potential in her, a promising addition to his collection of girls, and with Charlotte standing half-naked in the dark of his apartment, Cabe eagerly began his ritual initiation. 

A moment later he was dead, stabbed in the throat with a knife secured by Charlotte in a desperate escape. News and media outlets covered the amazing story for weeks, dubbing her “The girl who fought back.” 

But for Charlotte the fight is only just beginning, because Ezra Cabe is somehow back, and he’s everywhere: a shadow person hovering just out of view… watching from the dark corners of the house when Charlotte’s home alone… even invading her mind, corrupting her thoughts. The horrifying truth is that Ezra Cabe never had more power over Charlotte than when he was dead. 

"Dolls" is a gripping supernatural thriller that will keep readers guessing to the last page; perfect for fans of ghost stories, paranormal mysteries, and teen romance.
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